Monday, March 12, 2012

My Birthday Spent With My Boyfriend Scott

This was the first birthday that I celebrated with just one person and of course my favorite person which would be Scott. We are engaged and he is my fiance so that would make sense. it was the most intimate one I've had. He bought me a coffee maker, a rose, a dvd called rebel Without A Cause and took me to see a Jennifer Aniston movie called Wanderlust.We also shared a birthdathe ty cake which we both picked out and finished it at midnight last night, the day before my birthday.
Today we had to interupt the festivities to get my bloodtest but it was the most beautiful
day ever, actually almost 70 degrees, so we walked trough the Mount Auburn cemetary and I prayed i the church.Then we came hone and walked hand in hand as we usually do to Lechmere to pick up bagels and then topped the day off with an order of chinese food.
Scott must have wished me a happy birthday so many times I can't count and he is definitely
responsible for my laugh lines. You should see how he makes me laugh. So if when I turned 52 today I have more laugh lines than last year, it's his fault. He also gave me the most beautiful love letter card that had a line which said I was his dream come true and the Valentine's one said I was the only one for him. Just being with him, sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure it is really real. I used to think if he broke up with his ex I'd want him for myself because he was so loving towards her. I wanted someone who would be romantic with me like he was wih her in public. Never did I dream it would be him himself. So the sequel to the article Where Did Scott Go? I would be across he street frm where he used to live when he was not divorced to
be with me on my side of the street. Who would have guessed I could be this blessed.
We lost each other and hen found each other about ten months ago at a chance meeting in Harvard Square. I was celebrating my anniversary with a friend. I gave him my phone no. He called right that night. We talked for a couple of hours and met the next day which was the first of June, and have not spent more than literally one day apart ever since.
We went to Gloucester together and Rockport for a mini-vacation and he bought me an engagement ring which I wear every day. Right now I am hoping he can move in so we can live together. Maybe this Sunday we'll go to the Park Street Church for the first time and I'll pray about it. Wendy happened to call today and ironically she now goes o hat church and likes it.
This would be my firs time there but I'd love to see her there. People ask us when we are going to get married but for personal reasons we rather not but we do want to be together most of the time. Well, my new Valentine's Day stuffed animal bear thats pink{thus we call her Pinkey) is calling-have to go. Well just one more half-hour until my birthday is over and I honestly wish it would be a weekend that would never end. Hopefully my time with Scott never will.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Bank Incident

Scott and I went out late tonight to deposit four checks in the Bank ATM. Somehow to our suprize they ended up falling into the trash can and I ended up falling deeper in love. I called my mother and reported that it was a lost cause and she explained that I would have to pay money to replace them. meanwhile Scott would not give up. He persevered and kept digging his arm down the five foot garbage can, finally putting two straws together and maneuvering the checks through a crevice. "I flunked out of high school" he said all of a sudden as he handed me the two checks. I couldn't believe he was able to get them. "I have got to marry this guy", I told my mother.I mean ,who wouldn't want to? He is so smart and unlike some people I know doesn't give up when he takes something seriously. One more check to go. Well two out of three ain't bad. Suddenly I noticed what appeared to be a check at the base of the garbage can. So Scott looked and it was awesome. The garbage can opened after all his trouble and he easily puled out he last check. I guess this is one of those times when I felt like I"ll need him around and want to be with him forever. The whole thing turned out to be fun and and amazing.