Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Bank Incident

Scott and I went out late tonight to deposit four checks in the Bank ATM. Somehow to our suprize they ended up falling into the trash can and I ended up falling deeper in love. I called my mother and reported that it was a lost cause and she explained that I would have to pay money to replace them. meanwhile Scott would not give up. He persevered and kept digging his arm down the five foot garbage can, finally putting two straws together and maneuvering the checks through a crevice. "I flunked out of high school" he said all of a sudden as he handed me the two checks. I couldn't believe he was able to get them. "I have got to marry this guy", I told my mother.I mean ,who wouldn't want to? He is so smart and unlike some people I know doesn't give up when he takes something seriously. One more check to go. Well two out of three ain't bad. Suddenly I noticed what appeared to be a check at the base of the garbage can. So Scott looked and it was awesome. The garbage can opened after all his trouble and he easily puled out he last check. I guess this is one of those times when I felt like I"ll need him around and want to be with him forever. The whole thing turned out to be fun and and amazing.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Now its up to Donna

Donna said Monday that she was interested in sharing a blog with me. I love her I would love to have her as a co-writer. Now its up to her. Sunday, her minister asked us if we we're engaged and I answered that we were not but would like to be. I mentioned to him that we didn't know if I was yet divorced. I asked her "if we could make it from today would you begin an engagement?" and she said, "Yes". The minister said that most engagements are from 8 months to a year and include pre-marriage pastoral conferences when held in Donna's church.
I found out today that I have been free to marry for months.
Now its up to Donna.

I love you, Scott